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Hello, I am Boris Savitskiy, and I am a UX Manager / Product Designer in the Washington DC metro area. I believe processes driven organizational approach to solve user’s problems.





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Oracle, Jan 2018 - Current

Senior UX Manager

Manage distributed team and design vision for customer facing products related assets, services, and cloud.

Oracle, Nov 2014 - Dec 2017

UX Team Lead

Introduce ux processes and integrate as part of product lifecycle.

NOM NOM Boris, Jan 2010 - Current

Food Blogger

Run a Washington DC based food blog with reviews, campaigns, and videos.

Contactually, May - Oct 2014

UX Engineer

Worked on user experience for relationship building startup.

Booz Allen, Dec 2007 - May 2014

Senior UX Consultant

Designed and implemented UX for varies government agency's websites, mobile apps, and applications.

Art Institutes, Jan 2012 - Apr 2012

Adjunct Professor

Taught Interactive Media & Web Design 101 in Washington DC campus.

Supafraud Productions, Apr - Oct 2010

Social Media & Production

Production and promotion across multiple social networks for Sundance candidate independent movie.

Department of Interior, May - Dec 2007

Web Consultant

As government contractor worked on migration to new CMS website.

Argosy University, Apr 2006 - Mar 2007

Design / Front-End

Redesign and implement new website base don new school branding.

BroadSoft Solutions, Jan - Mar 2006

Web Designer

As contractor worked on websites and web communications for VoIP conference.


Guest App Walkthrough Screens

Guest App Walkthrough Screens

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Feeling the Love

Abir Chattopadhyay

Lead Developer, Oracle

Boris’s ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before. Apart from being an exceptional designer, he is a great people manager as well. I have seen Boris taking charge of several meetings with multiple stakeholders including product owners, developers, quality assurance and pushing everyone towards a solution but always keeping in mind the end-user concerns.

Calvin Choi

Principle UX Designer, Oracle

It was my pleasure to work in Boris’ UX team. He is a very creative designer, and a good decision maker. Also, he is the gate keeper in our team, and he is good at communicating in between stakeholders and his team members. Making sure our works are delivered on time and fulfilled the requirements successfully. I would highly recommend him as a professional UX team leader.

Kat Summers

Director of Digital, Guest Services Inc

I have known Boris for several years and I have learned that he is an exceptionally talented hard-worker that makes the extra effort to ensure the job is well done. He is an innovative thinker and does not run out of new ideas. Boris' achievement go beyond the mainly professional. His unique sense of humor, bubbly personality and positive energy makes him an ideal candidate to deal with any kind of business situation.

Thomas Elders

Development Manager, Oracle

Boris provided crucial input to my team during the design and development of all of our service's key deliverables. Boris’s guidance ensured that we were in a position to meet UI standard requirements and to deliver solutions that could “fit” the overall product's look and feel more quickly by availing of thorough UX Design for each deliverable, standard components.

John Doe

Operations Manager, Oracle

Boris is highly professional and focused. He quickly understands the needs of the operations teams (users) and provides proactively suggestions that often led to significant improvements / changes in the design. The new proposed design pattern is significantly improved, more ergonomic and provides more efficiency for the user, and greatly improved opportunities to address everyone's needs.

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